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for your property

Owner or manager

You are looking for a full-service provider for your property who will take care of all your property needs according to your wishes. And at a fixed price!


Tenant of a care property

You live or work in your rental space or flat in a relaxed manner. We will always take care of your wishes, suggestions, constructive criticism or deficiencies.



You are looking for an attractive workplace that challenges you every day. With us, private and professional life are in harmony. When can we welcome you to our family team?


What our customers say

»Absolutely reliable and 100% to be recommended. There is no better property management company in town. If you are looking for someone you can rely on, this is the place to go. The whole team is super. Always available and they know how to solve any problem (or find a solution). Many minor (or even major) repairs or emergencies are carried out internally by the company. Customer and customer satisfaction are the top priority here.«

— Oliver Thieler

»Dear team from Facilityservice OWL, I would like to thank you for the quick and competent help with any problem concerning my real estate. Whether it's a small matter or something serious, you can always rely on them. I can only advise all other customers or future customers to place their properties in the professional hands of Facilityservice OWL. Many thanks,«

— Steffen Schnittker

  1. Foundation as a janitorial service OWL (sole proprietorship)
  2. Takeover of support for ALTE POST retail park, Lemgo
  3. Takeover of caretaker service in Braunenbrucher Weg 18, Detmold as caretaker
  4. Implementation of the activity as a real estate agent in the company
  5. Takeover of building management at Braunenbrucher Weg 18, Detmold
  6. Renamed Facilityservice OWL FSO GmbH
  7. In the meantime, our 9-man team is available for the supervision
  8. Sylvia Burgschweiger becomes Managing Partner
  9. Purchase, supervision, renovation and management of real estate for private investors
  10. We are now also a property management